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Our Osteopathic Approach

Burntwood Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Clinic operates a multidisciplinary approach combining several techniques tailored to your needs, including osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and sports massage. We help the body heal by restoring the normal function and stability of the joints, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues.

What Does An Osteopath Do?

Burntwood Osteopathy & Physiotherapy Clinic diagnoses and treats a wide range of medical conditions. Based on the foundation that the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues throughout the body must function smoothly in order for an individual to be healthy. An osteopath operates on the principle that a healthy body requires a healthy structure. The goal of osteopaths is to restore your body's balance, without using medications or surgery.

The primary goal of osteopathy is to increase your joint mobility and relieve muscle tension through touch, physical manipulation, stretching, and massage, as well as to enhance the blood supply to tissues and assist your body's ability to heal itself. In addition to providing advice on posture and exercise, they may also offer advice on promoting health and preventing the recurrence of symptoms.

Osteopathy Treatment In Detail

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Case History

The osteopath will take a detailed case history on your first visit to identify the structural issue causing your symptoms. It also allows us to understand your general health & well-being, diet, sleep patterns etc. We will then ask you detailed questions about your present condition, general health and past medical history.

Our team is committed to listening to your needs and respecting your wishes. Then we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan based on the information we collect.

Osteopathic Examination

We will conduct a thorough and comprehensive physical examination, which includes a posture and movement assessment. Additionally, our osteopaths palpate various parts of your body to determine how well your tissues are functioning.

Once we have all the information, the osteopath will discuss with you the likely cause or causes of the problem. Will will discuss with you what is causing your pain and why the osteopath believes you have got the issue in the first place, for example, work practices or postural issues.

Osteopathic Treatment

We operate a multi discipline approach and may often use several methods to diagnose and treat you as no two individuals are alike. Our treatment methods are tailored to each individual, depending on their age, fitness levels, and exact diagnosis. Muscles, joints, nerves, and other soft tissue are stretched, moved, and manipulated gently by hands-on techniques that relieve tension, tightness, and pain.

Where your issues require further investigation, we have access to private diagnostic testing such as MRI, X-ray, and specialist consultants. They can help with the diagnosis of conditions outside our remit.

Osteopathic Exercises

We’ve found that hands-on treatment combined with exercises and lifestyle advice works best. So don’t worry about remembering what we suggest as we write everything down for you in a simple, understandable format. You will teach you how to bend and stretch your body, and the normal movement range your body can achieve. It is common for people to avoid these movements during daily activities due to pain or fear. We will remind your body of its capabilities through the exercises we teach.

What Osteopaths Treat

Back Pain

Osteopaths can treat arthritic pain, back pain, muscle spasms, lumbago, sciatic pain, among other conditions.

Sciatic Pain

An osteopath treats sciatic pain by using massage techniques on the soft tissues to relieve pressure from the sciatic nerve.

Neck Pain

An osteopath uses gentle techniques to reduce tension in the neck muscles and increase mobility in the neck.

Arthritic Pain

An osteopath can help patients maintain or increase their range of motion by mobilising arthritic joints.


Osteopaths can successfully treat headaches caused by musculoskeletal tension and/or postural issues.

Muscle Pain

An osteopath helps by manipulating a patient's muscles, tendons, and ligaments to assist the body in healing itself.

For further information on issues not listed please call or email us

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