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Osteopathy & Physiotherapy in Burntwood

Practical Success Since 1980


Tailored Treatment plan using a variety of disciplines

Burntwood Osteopathic & Physiotherapy Clinic is an established osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports massage practice offering a range of treatments for muscle and joint problems.

We have fully qualified and registered practitioners whose aim is to provide the highest standard of care and attention. We also have an in-house sports massage therapist to complement our service.

We regularly help most people coming to our practice. We are here to help you, and your satisfaction is our top priority. As a result, we achieve a high rate of success.


Satisfied Customers


Satisfied Customers


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Your Comfort Guaranteed From The Start

After you leave your first appointment with our registered professional you will not only feel better because someone has listened to you but also understand why you have pain or immobility. In addition, you can rest assured that we are here to help throughout your treatment journey.

Passionate Approach

Happiness Guaranteed





Diagnosis is quick at the first consultation, and we'll provide you with information to how we are going to get you back on form.


Musculo-Skeletal Services at a Glance

Osteopathy improves posture and flexibility using manipulation, stretching, and massage techniques for joints, muscles, connective tissues, and spine.

We use a combination of hands-on treatment techniques and exercise and lifestyle changes to help return your body to optimum performance.

Sports massage helps to relieve persistent muscle tension or injury. Using pressure deep into the muscles to realign muscle fibres and connective tissue.

We provide personally tailored treatment and education plans for chronic pain conditions such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, sciatic pain, knee pain and joint pain.

Sports injuries recovery plan tailored to your needs, including a biomechanical assessment. Strengthening exercises for injuries such as tears, sprains or strains, tennis elbow, and general overuse.

Rehabilitation after surgery (post surgical rehabilitation) helps you regain mobility and avoid loss of muscle mass, improves range of motion, rebuilds muscle strength, and reduces scar tissue.

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